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This series of films casts the spotlight on the alpine wine regions of Switzerland, Italy and France - a hidden treasure at the heart of Europe.

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The Aosta Valley in the far north-west is Italy's smallest wine-growing area and a perfect example of ‘viticultura eroica’ - heroic viticulture.

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Considering how few Swiss wines leave the country, it's no surprise that they hardly make a stir. La Mémoire was established to spread the word.

This short film introduces the new series of video presentations on the wines, grape varieties and wine-growing areas of Switzerland.

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Learn more about three of the six wine regions of Switzerland: Valais, Ticino and German Switzerland in terms of size, climate and grape varieties.

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In the east of Switzerland this is the smallest of all the alpine wine regions. Known as 'Les Grisons' in French it is located close to the source of the Rhine.

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The northern shore of Lake Geneva is shaped by the vineyards of Canton Vaud, including the UNESCO World Heritage site of Lavaux.

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The indigenous Chasselas grape is Switzerland’s most important white variety. José Vouillamoz, world-renowned grape geneticist, tells me more.

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Learn about Switzerland's position in the world of wine, what makes its wines different as well as the principal grape varieties and wine regions.

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Learn more about three more of the six wine regions of Switzerland: Vaud, Geneva and Three Lakes in terms of size, climate and grape varieties.

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