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This eBook is an essential guide for wine explorers (and expats) to the wines, grape varieties and wine-growing areas of Switzerland.


January means counting the cost of the festive period, so maybe now is the time to seek some good value wines.

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The challenge of choosing a good wine to accompany your barbecue feast is no different than finding the right pairing for any other meal.

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Enjoy your traditional dishes by pairing them with some less traditional wine selections. These suggestions can help you ring the changes.

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Every wine region on earth strives to promote wines and traditions that set them apart. The Jura in France does this better than most ...

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Argentina, Australia, Chile and South Africa are among the top 10 wine countries in the world, so it's a good time to focus on the 'New World'.

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A great way to add flourish to this festive time of year is to indulge in the delights of so-called fortified wines.

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Enjoying game to the fullest would be incomplete without a glass or two of wine but, as usual, the choice is not necessarily simple.

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